Free winter check for VW van customers

With the British winter over the last two years having presented us with more dramatic weather conditions than history has led us to expect, it seems Volkswagen have anticipated a flurry of callouts by subscribing to the mantra that prevention is better than the cure.

This year VW are looking to reduce the number of callouts they receive by offering a free winter check to all of their commercial vehicle customers. The strain caused by the freezing temperatures has taken its toll in the past couple of years, with Volkswagen Roadside Assistance having attended 2,500 battery and 700 wiper and washer callouts. And with snowfall having fallen for the past two years, who’s to say we’re not to expect another deluge of the white stuff.

The free winter checks are available from Volkswagen Van Centres and authorised repairers across the UK and consist of a 30-point winter check which includes all of those items which can easily let you down when a cold snap hits. Batteries, lights, tyres, wipers and washers as well as screenwash and antifreeze levels will all be checked.

In the instance that any of the above needs to be changed, Volkswagen will be able to supply high quality ‘Volkswagen approved’ replacement parts there and then at prices we are reassured will be competitive. With the snow and ice of 2010 and 2011, winter tyres can be supplied which will provide extra grip and traction to help you stay on the roads in even the most demanding conditions.

Stephen Bateson, head of aftersales and customer service at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, said: “It’s incredible how much impact a few checks can have on the potential success of winter journeys. Something as basic as good quality screenwash can make all the difference, as cheaper alternatives will stop working at higher temperatures. Antifreeze can be bought for a few pounds a bottle and can save you from the expense of frozen water pumps or even burst pipes. ”

A thorough winter check is an excellent idea, even if you conduct it yourself. Just a few checks can help to reduce the risk of an accident, which can impact on the cost of your van insurance premium further down the line.

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