Ford is the UK’s Most Trusted Manufacturer

A new study that was created to gauge consumer confidence found that Ford is the UK’s most trusted automotive brand. This came after the fallout from the Volkswagen emissions scandal causing a major shift in trust among consumers. Volkswagen have also lost a huge amount of UK sales during the period of the emissions scandal , showing a strong correlation between trust and purchases.

The study, which questioned nearly 3,000 people in the UK asked which of the 29 top car brands they trusted most. The results were as followed:

  • Ford were in the lead with 29% of respondents trusting them
  • BMW came a close second with 27%
  • Despite being involved in the emissions scandal, Audi achieved 25%

Volkswagen saw a huge decline in their trustworthiness, with only 10% of those questioned considering them as a trusty brand. However, they are by no means the lowest ranked that accolade fell on:

  • Skoda 5%
  • SEAT 4%
  • Subaru 4%
  • Smart 3%
  • Suzuki 3%

It is important to note that these figured were created from a survey, asking how much individuals trusted manufactures - it has nothing to do with sales or the reliability of the vehicles in question. In fact, the best-selling car brands this year were Ford, Vauxhall and Volkswagen although by comparison to popularity, it appears as though Vauxhall doesn’t receive the same level of trust as other brands.

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