Ford is Introducing Automatic Braking with Pedestrian Detection

We’re all probably guilty of playing on your phone and not seeing a vehicle coming when crossing the road, or to be fiddling with the radio channels in your van before noticing someone directly in your path. Ford has recognised this and is looking to avoid collisions using its latest technology.

Ford Vans to Have Sensors and Automatic Braking

This new technology, that will be introduced to its van range, will allow vehicles to detect people in the road and automatically apply the brakes should the driver be too slow to respond. The new technology is a result of a study of 10,000 people across Europe that saw 57% of smartphone users saying they use their devices when crossing the road.

This sensor-like technology will use a radar in the front bumper and a camera mounted on the windscreen to check with a database of ‘pedestrian shapes’ to distinguish people from stationary objects. It is also hoped that it will be able to predict a person straying from the pavement and into the path of the oncoming vehicle.

Gregor Allexi, Active Safety Engineer, Ford of Europe, said:

“It only takes a split second for a delivery driver to check an address - but that can be just the moment when an unwary pedestrian steps into the street,”

“In cases like this, Pedestrian Detection technology can help to avoid an accident, or reduce its severity.”

With less risk, could insurance premiums go down? Maybe. In the meantime, ensure you get the best value for money deal on your van insurance by comparing quotes online here.

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