Ford Transit Van Survives 10 Years of ‘Abuse test’

Ford has announced that its new Transit has successfully survived a six-month simulation of the toughest treatment that customers could possibly inflict on it in a decade.

The durability simulation included more than 30 punishing tests, including:

  • The equivalent of driving 11 million kilometres at proving grounds and in extreme conditions across the globe
  • Trailer tow durability tests with fully loaded trailers
  • Being driven at top speed for two months (non-stop)
  • Driving through salt and mud-baths
  • Non-stop figures-of-eight for 30 days

And many others.

“I don’t think many customers would believe what this vehicle has been through, ” said David Gregory, Transit chief programme engineer, Ford of Europe. “We inflict the worst possible treatment that a van could endure, and we’re only satisfied when our new vehicle comes through with flying colours - just as the Transit has done. ”

More than 100 significant improvements to the Ford Transit were identified and implemented following the intense testing regime. Most notable of which included strengthening the rear cross-memember as well as redesigning the side rail on jumbo van models.

“Pushing the van to the limit and beyond helps us to deliver a stronger, more robust product. This translates directly into every-day reliability for the customer, however tough their working environment, ”Gregory said.

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