Ford Transit Drivers Add £30,000 to the Economy Every Year - Each!

Yes, you read that right. If you drive a Ford Transit van you could be contributing up to £30,000 to the UK economy without even realising it.

The Ford Transit has been a best-selling van for over 40 years and this popularity has helped you in more ways than you may think. According to figures released by used van seller Manheim, the average van helps contribute this huge figure thanks to its use in transporting online shopping deliveries and new trade businesses, such as painting, plumbing or electricians.

Its findings are based upon research by the Centre for Economics and Business Research which recently reported that for every mile a Transit drives it contributes £1.87 to the economy.

The Chief Executive Officer at Manheim UK, Michael Buxton, has said:

“Vans are the everyday workhorses of British roads and we are proud to play such an important role within the used van market in the UK.”

“We have always recognised the importance of vans - both new and used - to the British economy, but now we have a good idea of the vital contribution that they make to our country’s economic success.”

And Barb Samardzich, Chief Operating Officer at Ford of Europe, has added:

“Most people see the Transits and other work vans on the road every day and don’t realise how vital they are for business at large, as well as the overall economy.”

“Even as our economy changes and evolves, with shifts to online shopping for example, the demand for Transit vans is only rising.”

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