Ford Builds Online Radio Streaming Into Vans

Automaker Ford has partnered with online media company Radioplayer to offer online radio on the road. This partnership will enable drivers to listen to streamed radio in all of Ford’s vans.

This feature is a result of Ford’s SYNC being integrated with the Radioplayer app and was demonstrated at the Go Digital conference at BBC Broadcasting House in London.

As much as 20 per cent of radio listening is done in vehicles - more so by van drivers. Ford van drivers, whose job puts them on the road far longer than most, can also enjoy the quality and breadth of DAB stations as the feature is either standard on all new Transits - the UK’s top selling commercial vehicle - or an option costing no more than £75.

And for convenience - as well as added safety, Ford SYNC connects apps on smart phones with Ford vehicles, meaning they can be voice controlled by the driver.

In total, Ford has put almost 500,000 DAB-fitted vehicles onto Britain’s roads over the last six years and they now account for half of Ford sales. Owners of the 2,300,000 Fords in the UK without DAB can order a £199 radio upgrade for most vehicles up to eight years old.

As radio technology progresses further, Radioplayer’s app has been developed to be compatible with Ford’s SYNC with AppLink, to enable the small but increasing number of internet radio listeners to stream online stations in a Ford.

Ford has sold over 10,000,000 vehicles equipped with SYNC globally in the last six years and SYNC with AppLink debuts on the all-new Ford EcoSport small sports utility vehicle (SUV) next year, ahead of being rolled out across the Ford range by Autumn 2014.

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