Ford Announces Guy Martin Proper Edition MS-RT

If a regular van just won't cut it and you're looking for something a little special, how about a new limited edition vehicle?

This week, Ford announced its latest release in its MS-RT range - the Guy Martin Proper Edition.

What's Special About the Proper Edition?

The motorbike racer and lorry mechanic that is the world record holder in various speed categories has lent his name to this latest vehicle. Why? Well, Martin is a Ford Transit owner of more than 15 years and he does around 40,000 miles in his van a year, so when the opportunity arose to make some modifications to the vehicle he happily accepted.

So, what changes did Guy Martin make?

'I suppose I almost live in my van really,' Martin said.

'Going to work, picking up lorry parts, motorbikes, pushbikes in the back, Nigel the dog on the passenger seat. I often sleep in it if I'm away racing or on a filming job and want a bit of time on my own.

'So I've had a fair bit of time to work out what I'd change, make better and usable for the driver.

'Things like the headlights on the Tranny weren't the sharpest tools in the box, the lining in the back wasn't the toughest, you can get stuck in the mud on a farm yard with the standard tyres.

'The seats were OK but they get tatty and covered in all sorts of oil and grease. I couldn't stand on the grille to clean the top of the windscreen. And I wanted access to the front of the cab from behind the bulkhead.'

The Guy Martin Proper Edition will be available in all Ford Transit Centres in the UK and Northern Ireland very soon, sold as a conversion from £6,995 plus VAT.

Would You Buy One?

Whether you'd consider purchasing this limited edition vehicle or you'll stick with your old faithful for now, make sure to stay covered at an affordable price by comparing van insurance quotes online with us.

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