Ford Adds Wind Stabilisation to its Vans

If you could add something to your vehicle that would make your day-to-day drive smoother and safer, you’d probably jump at the chance - right?

Well, Ford is now offering side wind stabilisation technology on its Transit and Transit Custom commercial vehicles. This technology is designed to reduce the stress high winds cause on drivers and hopefully minimise the number of accidents that may happen in adverse weather conditions.

Ford’s new technology monitors sensors at 100 times per second and will gently apply the brakes on one side should a gust be detected.

Many van drivers who spend much of their working day on the road have welcomed the development. What do you think? Would you invest in a van with side wind stabilisation technology?

It’s yet to be seen if insurers will consider this new technology when building policy quotes, however, if you’d like to ensure you get a competitive deal, we can help. Request and compare van insurance quotes online with us today.

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