For The Van Driver Who Gets A Fixed Penalty Notice

If you make your living as a van driver then a fixed penalty notice (FPN) is something you don’t want to have.

What’s a fixed penalty notice?

Developed over 50 years ago to help Police and Traffic Wardens to deal with minor motoring and parking offences, the FPN is a conditional offer. It’s an offer to either:

  • accept guilt, pay the fine, receive the points on your license and close the matter
  • or reject the offer and contest the matter in court

Since the UK driving licence system works on a points basis - where too many points results in being disqualified - getting points as a van driver is something you want to absolutely avoid.

Should you get more than 12 points, your employer may not be able to continue to employ you and you’ll also have to surrender your driver’s license, jeopardising any future employment opportunities as a van driver.

Whilst drivers are personally liable for fines, if the offence involves a company vehicle, your employer may get a summons as well which would not help your chances of employment.

Should you be convicted of a driving offence, you must inform your employer immediately to avoid invalidating his or her insurance...which would make matters far worse!

If a ticket has been issued, you have up to 28 days to pay. Failure to do so may result in a 50% increase in the fine. The ticket can be issued by police, VOSA or Civil Enforcement Officers.

Whilst you can challenge a ticket by requesting a court hearing, keep in mind how court costs can easily mount up leaving you worse off financially than before. However, if you feel as though you are in the right then hold your ground and fight the claim - if there

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