Flying Shed Attacks Postal Vans

On Saturday, a metal shed was swept into the air and hurled into a fleet of post office vans.

The shed was originally on the grounds of the former police station yard on High Street, Brandon, before being ripped into the air and sent smashing into several vehicles, putting a large gash in the roof of one.

The incident caused massive disruption for postal workers who were left scrambling around to locate vans from other postal depots so that they could carry out their rounds.

Also, the staff were unable to cycle on their rounds due to the dangerously strong winds, and so bicycles had to be used as barrows to complete deliveries.

One staff member from the Brandon Post Office, Lee Jacobs, said:

“We got there at 6am and it was like the Wizard of Oz. The shed had been ripped out of the ground, gone over Barclays Bank, taken all the barbed wire out of the top of the fence and then wrapped itself round our vans. ”

“One of the vans has got opened up and it’s lucky none of the guys here were about as someone might have got hurt,” he said.

Despite the disruption, deliveries were still able to be completed.

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