Fleet managers turn to van rental in a bid to cut costs

In a change of approach to their transportation requirements, many fleet managers are now turning to van rental in a bid to cut their costs and more effectively manage their ever changing vehicle demands.

The vast majority of rental vehicles are for short and medium terms on LCVs as well as ‘special build’ vehicles which can be a requirement for one-off or short term jobs.

One of the key benefits of rental is the intelligent vehicle management systems which are often fitted by rental companies to modern commercial vehicles. These provide fleet managers with the accurate and timely information they need to identify areas where fuel consumption and accident rates can be reduced. By identifying how and where vehicles are used along with the frequency of vehicle use, cost control can be markedly improved.

A fleet manager at one of the UK’s leading construction groups, said: “Through our ongoing work with a supplier of a range of rental services and systems we have been able to greatly improve our supply of specialist vehicles.

“The flexibility to pick and choose vehicles as and when we need them has enabled us to keep a tighter lid on our vehicle costs and increase efficiencies. We can also rely on prompt vehicle delivery along with an unparalleled level of service.”

The data provided by intelligent vehicle management systems is also providing businesses with the data they need to identify the vehicles they use most frequently. This can be used to secure preferential rental rates, helping businesses to make further savings further down the line.

In the future it is expected that an increasing number of businesses will become aware of the cost benefits of taking a short term approach to their acquisition of commercial vehicles, providing them with the flexibility they need to satisfy their ever changing business needs.

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