Fleet Sustainability is Now Easier than Ever

Trying to keep your fleet of vans running sustainably can be extremely difficult, especially if you have large numbers or older vehicles. Thanks to Fuel Card Services, this has now become a much easier process for fleet managers.

After working with a wide range of fleets for several years, covering many types and sizes, FCS has launched an online flip-book that is designed to make it easier to hit sustainability commitments. This not only ensures that fleets are able to enjoy the benefits that come through sustainability, but also works to meet certifications and EU standards.

One of the notes that the FCS picks up on is for fleets who are running diesel cars and vans. The reason for this is the recent publication from DEFRA that has created plans that suggest banning diesel vehicles from several major cities. This comes off the back of the UK government not meeting EU air quality targets, which highlights diesel vehicles as a large contributor to this problem. Whether or not this suggestion will take effect is yet to be decided, however for fleet operators planning for the future it is wise to err on the side of caution.

The flip book helps to make a real difference by showing fleet managers ways that they can cut their fleet miles, reduce their CO2 emissions or even showing how much driving methods can effect cost.

If this is something you’re interested in, then download the book for free here.

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