FairFuelUK campaign wins CIPR award

The FairFuelUK campaign which has fought to stop planned fuel duty increases and lower the price of fuel has been recognised for its tireless work at the 2012 Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Excellence Awards. The campaign, which has the backing of the Freight Transport Association (FTA), Road Haulage Association (RHA) and VansA2Z, came out on top of strong competition to win the Public affairs trophy.

The FairFuelUK team were delighted to win the award and increase the exposure of their campaign; one which effects every motorist in the UK. Award organisers were particularly impressed with the vision and commitment the FairFuelUK campaign has shown along with its continued success. National organiser, Peter Carroll, said: “FairFuelUK has managed to defeat over 9p/litre in fuel duty rises over the last 15 months; these rises, if implemented, would have caused considerable financial distress to families, businesses and the road freight industry in particular.”

The acknowledgment comes at an excellent time for the FairFuelUK campaign, with MPs, representing a number of political parties, having united at Westminster in an urgent call to scrap the planned 3p/litre fuel duty rise in the same week. The rise in fuel duty is due to come into action on the 1 August, so the more pressure that can be applied now before the fuel price rises the better.

Road Haulage Association chief executive, Geoff Dunning, said: “It’s great news these MPs have come out in support of scrapping the August 3p/litre increase. Since October 2010, every penny increase has added £398 a year to a haulier’s operating costs; that has meant an increase of £5,218 per truck, per year, in relation to fuel.

“Of course we welcome the current decrease in the price of diesel, but we cannot be complacent. We must see the August rise abandoned and we are calling on our members to contact their MP as a matter of extreme urgency in order to swell the numbers of those at Westminster who are prepared to support the cause.”

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