FTA Says Vans Are Crucial to the UK Economy

This week, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) released the FTA Logistics Report 2016, which shows that the four million vans on our roads are a more important part of the UK economy than ever before.

Why Are Vans, And Their Drivers, So Desirable?

A considerable proportion of this importance, is due to the way the general public now shops. At the end of last year, retailers estimated that around 860 million parcels would be delivered to UK homes, as more and more people are opting to shop online.

The Department for Transport (DfT) agrees with the FTA’s report and its road traffic estimates show the number of vans on UK roads grew faster than any other kind of vehicle last year. In 2015, UK vans were said to have covered an astonishing 48 billion miles.

Mark Cartwright, FTA Head of Vans said:

“If ever there was a need for evidence to support how vans power our daily lives, the latest DfT figures provide it. There are now over 4 million vans on UK roads, covering more miles than ever before, and their numbers are growing at a rate faster than any other type of vehicle.

“This is further confirmation of the humble van’s importance to the UK’s economic activity. It’s been recognised for a while that there is a clear correlation between UK GDP and van ‘traffic’ but we’re now seeing the growth in ‘van traffic’ outstrip economic performance, primarily due to internet shopping and entrepreneurial activity.”

Ensure Your Van is Covered

With vans being so vital, it’s important that drivers consider safety and ensure that the vehicles are covered by the correct insurance policy.

Mr Cartwright continued:

“It is important for van operators to take safety and compliance seriously if they want to continue enjoying the operational flexibility vans provide. Self-regulation is the key to stopping moves to impose ‘truck-like’ legislation across van fleets. Van Excellence provides a very straightforward route for operators to adopt industry best practice and become an Accredited Operator.”

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You can see the full FTA Logistics Report 2016 here.

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