Everything You Need to Know About the Volkswagen T6

Volkswagen have been producing the Transporter very successfully since the 1950s and this year they’ve revealed their brand new model: the T6 Transporter.

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t a radically different van - why change something that works so well? However there are key features and changes that have been made that make this a completely different beast to the T5.

What’s new?

For starts there’s the new 2.0 litre diesel engine that deliver much better efficiency and torque delivery than its predecessor. With this comes the choice of four power outputs, a five or six-speed gear box and even the option of a seven-speed DSG automatic gear box. This is further increased with BlueMotion technology being fitted as standard to every T6, providing cruise control, low rolling resistance tyres, regenerative braking and start/stop technology.

There’s also been a redesign of the front end, door trims and cabin, giving a sleek and modern look to this long-standing best seller. Every model will also be given the option of adopting four wheel drive with improved sensors to help prevent loss of traction and deliver upgraded torque.

When’s it available?

This van is due to hit UK markets later in 2015 and is predicted to be very popular thanks to the ‘car like drive’ it is said to offer. Don’t expect low prices however, base models are estimated to start at around £19,000 and no set prices yet to be released by the manufacturer.

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