Essex’s Answer to van Gogh Draws on Dirty White Vans!

You want to take care of your van so it looks its best for as long as possible, but we all dread that time where we have to scrub the dirt off the back doors so they’re bright white again. And if you don’t, you’re bound to have ‘clean me’ or ‘dirty boy’ scrawled across the side the next time you park somewhere public.

But one creative Essex artist is turning grime into modern art by drawing masterpieces rather than rude slogans. Warehouse worker, Mr Konjusha has been deemed by locals as the ‘Essex van Gogh’ after he started his 5 minute creations craze to make delivery drivers smile.

Mystery and intrigue surrounds the artist, with little known about him apart from he is 22 and from East London. Though most of the vans have passed through Amazon’s warehouse in Basildon, so that seems like a great place to start.

He told The Sun:

“Sometimes they (van drivers) can be a bit grumpy in the mornings when I speak to them, so I just thought I'd do something to cheer them up,"

"They seem to really like it."

He added that he draws “whatever comes to mind, using my fingers and hands.”

"People are asking for a drawing now,” he said.

“They say they're going to save money by not washing their vans and then they can get a picture instead."

If you could have anything drawn on your van, what would it be? These dirty freelance pieces or some new brand graphics? Either way, you may need your own Vansky!

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