Driving Celebrities Around the Benz: Luxury Van Transport

Never mind Escalades or Limousines, the latest celeb trend that is taking the US by storm is pimped out Mercedes trade vans.

Why Are Celeb’s Buying Vans?

These vans may look like the usual trade vehicle from the outside, but when those doors slide open they are anything but. Celebs can be driven around in the lap of luxury with leather reclining seats, flat screen TVs and their very own mini-bar, without raising suspicion that a VIP is on board. Can you think of any other 22ft long, 9ft wide vehicle that can do that? We didn’t think so.

They’re even becoming popular as mobile offices for New York’s highest paid professionals!

One owner, Steve Kantor told the Daily Mail,

‘I have two big-screen televisions; I have a couch in the back that goes into a bed,’he told the New York Times.

‘I have four chairs that go back and massage you. It has a desk, a table and an intercom so you can have meetings in there if you want to.’

Whether you have thousands of pounds to kit out your van or you’re happy with a £1 tree-shaped air freshener, you’ll need to insure your vehicle. Compare prices today to ensure you get the best deal possible.

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