Dining, Sleeping and Smoking: Admitted Alternative Van Uses

Depending on the type of van insurance you take out, you may be covered to use your commercial vehicle beyond work-related use. Whereas for many this may mean a quick trip to the shops, a study by Direct Line has found that there are a number of weird and wonderful uses for vans.

11% of People Sleep in Their Van

The study found that the top alternative van use was as a tea break room. Listening to music and using a van as a dining room tied in second place, whereas using it as an office came in third. Other unusual uses included for sleeping, playing computer games and even to have sex.

Here’s the full list of alternative van uses:

  • As a tea break room - 50%
  • To listen to music - 45%
  • As a dining room - 45%
  • An office - 31%
  • A reading room - 30%
  • For smoking - 14%
  • For sleeping - 11%
  • For playing computer games on a mobile phone - 9%
  • For sex - 5%
  • For playing computer games on a handheld console - 5%

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