The Consequences of Dangerous Driving Are Set to Increase

After a public consultation, the Ministry of Justice has announced that new sentencing guidelines will soon be formed to allow courts to impose stiffer sentences on those found guilty of dangerous driving.

What is Changing?

The new guidelines that are aimed at people who drive under the influence of drink or drugs and/or use a mobile phone behind the wheel will be presented to government soon and will outline possible life sentences for causing death by dangerous driving, as well as a new offence for causing serious injury by careless driving.

It is predicted that, if made law, this could lead to harsher penalties for other driving related offences too, whether a driver’s actions are deliberate or accident.

If your job involves driving a van then you're statistically more likely to witness or be involved in a serious accident, therefore it is important to consciously make an effort to be a better driver.

Protect Yourself and Your Vehicle

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