Cutting Fleet Operating Costs with a Multi-Bid Approach

Saving money is never a bad thing, and if you operate a fleet then you may well be wondering what your next cash-saving strategy could be. The answer could well be to use the technology available to you to unlock potential savings in multi-bit leasing contracts.

While you’re at it, why not take a look at whether the ‘bundle’ services they provide you are actually cost effective? Could you find maintenance and insurance cheaper elsewhere - the answer is probably yes, it may just take a little bit of finding.

The exact same van could be double the cost with one supplier than it is with the other, this is why you need to ensure that you get quotes from a choice of suppliers. While this may not help in keeping a single supplier sweet and it could even remove your sole-provider discount, if you’re getting better rates elsewhere then why pay extra to maintain this relationship?

Find out how much each supplier wants for the van alone, then look into contracts for the maintenance or perhaps even bring it in house? Not only could this cost you a lot less off the bat, but you may have a faster turnaround on maintenance and repairs which means you won’t have to worry about losing business while the vans are out of action.

Insurance is also a huge price to be tagged on and there are massive savings to be made by comparing van insurance. You could effectively quarter your costs just by being clever with your cash and looking at insuring your fleet with companies other than the supplier of the vans.

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