Crash for cash frauds increase demand for fleet CCTV

To protect themselves against the increasing risk of being caught up in so-called crash for cash frauds, commercial vehicle fleets across the country are investing in in-vehicle CCTV systems.

These fraudulent activities are becoming increasingly common, with fraudsters staging accidents and then claiming compensation for injuries they have not actually received.

Despite the best attempts of insurers and the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) to investigate and prosecute the offenders, the scams are still costing the motor industry £392million a year - more than £1million a day. In a bid to counter the cost of increasing van insurance premiums that arise for the at-fault driver in the event of an accident, the demand for in-vehicle CCTV has risen to record levels.

The crash for cash scam is based on the notion that, in the majority of cases, the vehicle which runs into the back of another is considered to be at fault for the collision. The scammers take advantage of this situation and engineer crashes by overtaking vehicles before breaking sharply.

This problem is one which disproportionately affects larger commercial fleets, who are seen as an easy target for the scam. As accidents of this nature are very often one person’s word against another, it can be very difficult to prove that the fault lies with the scammers.

To defend themselves against escalating insurance costs, fleet owners are turning to CCTV technology, which records the events leading up to an accident as well as those that immediately follow an accident, even when the engine is turned off. This then provides evidence that can be used in court.

The CCTV cameras are both front and rear facing and provide a degree of protection to drivers who are the subject of fraudulent claims. They can also help to reduce the insurance premiums of small and large commercial vehicle operators who are finding that rising insurance premiums are making it increasingly hard to run their business.

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