Could You Map your Way to Savings?

Running a fleet can be a very costly enterprise with constant outgoings for vehicle expenses, maintenance and driver costs. However, making one simple change could completely transform your business and save you a huge amount of cash.

By optimising how your driver’s plan their journeys to reduce both distance and time, you can make huge savings with each vehicle. This isn’t as straight forward as it sounds though, as you need to take account of the current routes your drivers are using, the size of the vans and trucks in your arsenal, weight restrictions and time limits on deliveries.

There are plenty of software packages out there to make planning your routes easier and more efficient – taking out a lot of the hard work on your end. Just by having a monthly or even weekly plan where you enter in all the figures, you could find yourself saving a huge chunk of cash.

Some fleet management companies have found that they are able to reduce their fleet by 20% and drastically decrease their total annual mileage. Not only does this have a positive impact on reducing your greenhouse gas emissions, it could potentially save you thousands in your annual running costs.

In creating a new transport map and plan for your business that reflects your real world needs and utilises vehicle tracking, you can make huge changes to the way that you fleet is managed. This allows for much greater efficiency and frees up vital funds that can be distributed elsewhere in the company to improve your fleet.

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