Could Hydrogen Fuel Really Be the Answer?

Hydrogen cars are now readily available on the market, but what do you really know about them? Do they provide enough power for the everyday needs of your van? Let’s take a look at what these hydrogen cars have to offer:

Is now the time to invest?

Maybe, while nothing can really be said for definite there have been three new fuel-cell models of hydrogen car launched in the UK. This means that the demand should increase, driving up the amount of facilities available for this type of car.

What’s the drive like?

Most of these vehicles will handle like a normal car, although you’ll find that they are much more responsive, providing instant acceleration from a standing start. There are also new levels of refinement to have, with an extremely quiet drive with no shaking or juddering that you get from traditionally fuelled vehicles. There is a bit of range anxiety currently as, despite ranges of up to 400 miles, there are very few places to refuel in the UK currently.

How about refilling?

Provided that there is a fuel station near you, refuelling is very simple as it mimics the way a traditional car is filled up. You simply lock the pipe in and wait until it’s completely full. One of the only issues with this type of fuel is that you can’t run the fuel too low as this may stop the hydrogen from refilling properly due to lack of back-pressure.


If there are fuel stations near you then this could be a good opportunity to start using hydrogen vehicles, however without this vital infrastructure it is impossible to use cars like this. However there are plans to add far more outlets across the UK this year with more being added each consecutive year - this could well be the future of driving.

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