Common Mistakes in Van Driving License Checks Revealed

After carrying out 10,000 driver license checks, the Freight Transport Association’s driver licence checking service has revealed some of the most frequent problems.

This service was developed alongside the Licence Bureau - the leading provider of secure driver licence checks - to help members of the service to ensure that their business is operating legally, while providing immediate benefits from time and cost savings.

The service has analysed more than a quarter of a million licence checks it made during 2013 and has highlighted the top five reasons for business drivers failing initial licence checks and subsequent re-checks.

According to Licence Bureau figures, more than 5 out of every 1,000 company car, van and truck drivers do not hold a valid licence to legally drive their company vehicle, and without a licence checking service in place, the companies employing those five or six employees to drive a company vehicle would be breaking the law and compromising their duty of care obligations.

Here’s a summary of the Licence Bureau findings from analysing over 250,000 licence checks made during 2013.

Top 5 Driving Licence Check Failures


Initial licence check

Licence recheck


Provisional drivers (drivers)

Expired licence


Provisional drivers (nominated)




Revoked endorsement


Expired licence




Licence Surrendered

Rate of licence check
failures per 1000 drivers



FTA Affinities general manager, Sam Law, said: “Companies using the FTA driver licence checking service are kept constantly informed of all relevant compliance issues, thus ensuring control of driver management and risks. .”

“Experience shows that they can achieve a high level of driver compliance within the first three to six weeks of enrolment in the scheme.”

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