Citroen’s Stolen Van Tracking Pays Off

There’s nothing more upsetting, frustrating and angering than having your van stolen. Unfortunately, vans are a common target for thieves - typically for the contents - but this low life scum would not be averse to taking your trusty van itself either.

Many manufacturers have caught onto this and implemented measures to make it harder for thieves to steal your vehicle and even get it back if the worst does happen. One such manufacturer is Citroen, who include Trackstar - stolen vehicle tracking - as standard to all their Berlingo, Dispatch and Relay panel vans.

The results really do speak for themselves as well, with 94% of all Citroen LCVs stolen being recovered within two hours from the point of theft. This is not only good news for owners, but it is actively deterring thieves so much that thefts of Citroen LCVs have drastically dropped.

Other reasons for this drop in theft includes the huge amount of security equipment being included on these vans as standard, such as engine immobilisers, deadlocks and steering locks. In fact, the majority of Citroen van thefts are now the result of the keys being left in the vehicle or thieves breaking into the customer’s premises to obtain the keys.

Needless to say, Citroen’s advanced Teletrac Navman Smartnav system is definitely worth the time and money they put into developing it. As if the added security measures weren’t enough, it also helps to collect and deliver live traffic information in order to provide you with the optimum route every time you’re behind the wheel.

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