Best Van Tool Storage Solutions

Nobody wants to leave their tools in their van overnight - it’s a huge target for thieves and a quick smash and grab could end up costing you thousands. But if you have a proper tool storage solution then this threat can be reduced - even if they do get into your van!

Additionally, some solutions are designed to be easily removed from the vehicle making it simple to keep your tools kept securely overnight.

Van Guard Tool Box

If you want something indestructible then you won’t go far wrong with the steel tool store from Van Guard. These stainless steel tool boxes can be bolted to the floor and are secured with a heavy-duty lock. While they won’t withstand hours of being under attack, it will be a noisy and relatively long attack - giving you time to alert the police or try to scare them off.

StrongBank VanBox

Probably the most robust safe on the market, this is almost too much protection for everyday tools but is exactly what you want for the expensive ones! There are five deadlocks with anti-drill plates and anti-cut materials, while the door uses an anti-jimmy system to protect it from crowbar attacks. If money isn’t an issue then this is the tool box for your van.

Stack-On Tilt Car

Mobility a concern? The tilt car allows you to easily wheel your tools to the place you need them without any added hassle. It is fully lockable, however don’t expect it to stand up to prolonged attacks - however, thanks to it being so easy to move there is no excuse to leave your tools in the van!

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