Best Driving Apps for 2016

If you spend a lot of time driving your van around, you will probably get bored and be looking for ways to make your day more enjoyable. While playing on your smartphone while driving is illegal, dangerous and irresponsible there are a few Apps you can download that make your day to day a little bit easier.

Here are our favourite driving apps for 2016:

1. Waze - forget about being stuck in traffic, Waze alerts you to any delays on your chosen route and diverts you in real time to roads that are clear and quicker.

2. Spotify - why do radios play the same 6 songs over and over again?! Spotify can connect to your van via Bluetooth or AUX/ docking cables and let you play all your favourite songs while you drive along.

3. DriveSafe.ly - this handy app reads out your texts and emails while driving, alerting you to changes in your jobs or telling you who’s calling without you having to take your eyes off the road.

4. Car Launcher Pro - this is a visually appealing display that provides you with a wealth of data on your device, giving you all the info you need without distracting you while driving. This does all the things that DriveSafe.ly does while also providing your route data, music info and contacts.

There you have it, four awesome apps that can make your day to day driving feel a lot less monotonous. What’s more, most of these apps are available free from iTunes or Play Store but they do have in-App purchases for additional features - many of which are well worth it!

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