Best Apps for Van Drivers

Nowadays, mobile phones are becoming intertwined into everything we do. Even things that you previously thought would never adapt to this technology are slowly taking it on. Take vans for example, something that most drivers think they have a good enough relationship with already but there are some apps out there that can make this bond even better.

Here are a couple of the best apps for van drivers:

Best Route Pro

This app helps to increase your driving efficiency, taking into account where you need to go and optimising the fastest possible route. What’s more, it works with Google Maps to act as a SatNav from your phone - no more needing to dig out the old SatNav and ensuring that it has been updated.


Make short work of your expenses with this handy app! You can easily record all your ins, outs, expenses and even profit or loss - this makes it ideal for any self-employed van driver. That’s not all though, you can also add notes to any transaction, make records of non-cash payments and even add categories to your payments.

SMS My Car & ME

This is an incredibly handy app for when you’re behind the wheel as it reads out all your texts, emails and even Whatsapp messages while you drive! Using this app means that you no longer have to worry about illegally checking your phone thanks to it reading out messages for you. What’s more, it will read out caller ID, allowing you to choose whether you want to answer or not without looking at your phone!

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