Benefits of a New Van

Does anything beat that new van smell? We think not! But other than having a sparkling new van, there are loads of extra benefits that come with purchasing your motor straight from the manufacturer. Not sure what benefits are associated with buying new? Here’s everything you need to know:

Full Warranty - 3 to 5 years of absolutely worry free motoring, you can’t really complain can you?

Vehicle History - you know where your van has been and how it’s been driven. No wondering if the clutch is going to go because the previous owner was a heavy-footed clod.

Good Finance - dealerships tend to offer much better finance rates on new vehicles than old ones and can even beat banks when it comes to rates. This is brilliant for you as it means you can have a shiny new van for less than an old one.

Lower running costs - new vehicles tend to have a much better focus on economy and efficiency, meaning that you get more miles per gallon than you would from an old rust bucket. That means that you can make a larger profit due to lower overheads, result!

Dealership perks - you may find that the dealer you bought the van off likes to treat their customers, this may mean that you get add ons to the vehicle for free - like a Safe-T bar or protection pack - or they could offer you free MOTs for life.

Overall, if you take depreciation out of the equation you’ll find that a new van is a great option and will be very easy to sell on when you’re ready to buy new again. It’s definitely something that’s well worth considering.

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