Automatic tyre-monitoring system rolled out by WheelRight

WheelRight has recently rolled out its new automatic tyre-monitoring system, which measures a number of tyre related variables, reducing the time it would take to perform the same checks manually. The new system can instaneously monitor tyre pressure, temperature, wheel alignment, gross vehicle weight and the weight of individual axles. WheelRight also plan to add a tread depth measuring system to the package at a later date.

Central to the WheelRight system is the RightStrip, which is embedded into the road at a point where vehicles naturally enter and exit a facility. The RightStrip, a sensory pad which works without the need for censors to be fitted to the vehicle or the driver to leave the cab, sends the measurements directly to a mobile phone in the form of an SMS and via the internet to a database server. This data can then be analysed and acted upon.

The primary aim of the WheelRight is to reduce the cost of operating a fleet of commercial vehicles. Figures released by the manufacturer claim that a tyre underinflated by just ten percent can lead to a two per cent increase in fuel consumption and can reduce the lifespan of a tyre by between eight and 15 per cent.

Another benefit of the WheelRight system is the eradication of the requirement for manual checks, which not only take time, but also carry additional risks of valve damage and operator safety.

As each vehicle passes over the RightStrip sensor, it is identified either manually, optically via number plate recognition or through radio frequency identification. The relevant information is then recorded, analysed and stored. Over time this information can enable fleet managers to build up an accurate picture of the performance of each tyre.

For those of you operating just the one vehicle, the development of the WheelRight highlights just how important it is to regularly check the pressure and condition of your tyres. Careful monitoring can result in a considerable saving.

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