Are You Using Any Of These On Your Van To Make Your Business Stand Out?

If your customer can’t see you, then you don’t exist. This is a truism of business that especially applies when your van is an integral part of your business.

And so the immediate thought is that you need to modify your van in a way that it makes your business stand out to the customers who are looking for your services.

Where do you start?

There are several options.

#1 Magnetic signs - These are cheap and extremely easy to fit. The downside is that they are easy to steal and literal magnet (pardon the pun) for opportunistic thieves.

#2 Signwriting - This is an effective and affordable way of making your van stand out. But one drawback is the costs of maintenance and updating.

#3 Vehicle wraps - Costing up to £1,500 for full wraps, vehicle wraps are a brilliant way of making your business stand out. On top of this, there’s literally no limit to the quality of designs that can be produced for your van. However, applying and removing wraps is extremely time-intensive (can take up to two days to fit).

#4 Reusable graphics - Fitted in just 45 minutes, highly cost effective and reusable, reusable graphics are an excellent way of getting your business to stand out.

Regardless of which option you choose, make sure you choose one.

Because as far as your prospective customers are concerned, if they can’t see you, then you don’t exist.

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