AAH Develops Temperature-Monitored Vans

Despite being around for many years now, most temperature controlled vans are not strictly monitored. This can lead to many problems, especially when dealing with delicate pharmaceuticals or food stuffs.

In an effort to combat this issue, AAH - in partnership with Ford and specialist conversion companies - have created a new van that monitors the temperature of the fridge unit. These new vans will be fully replacing their existing 896 vehicle strong fleet, with many being replaced with immediate effect.

This vehicle was created to meet the requirements of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, but also goes above and beyond these requirements in order to futureproof the model.

The new vans are fitted with a Seven Eye telematics unit, which is accessed using an online portal, to allow drivers and managers to monitor the temperature of the fridge units in the vans. This is a world first and allows the company’s warehouses to track the temperature levels across the entire fleet - catching any issues early by checking for deviations or regulation issues.

One of the biggest benefits of monitoring the temperature of these vans is that the company will be able to provide categorical evidence that their products have been stored correctly in transit. This can save a lot of hardship, complication and alleviate the potential for blame.

While this may not be something that every company requires, it is a hugely innovative step that could completely transform the transportation of pharmaceuticals, food products and other delicate products. Needless to say, these are likely to become a common feature on our roads soon.

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