A Quick Primer On 5 Popular Van Conversions

If you use a van in your business, then you want to get the most out of it. So here’s a quick guide to 5 of the top van conversions that maximise the value of your van.

#1 Lining the load bay - this helps you keep the van in great condition, as well as protecting the cargo from damage during transit. Ply lining is the most popular solution, which usually comes as an option on newer models of vans. However, numerous companies will carry out van conversions after you’ve bought the van. There are also pre-made kits for lining the insides of doors, load floor, side and wheel boxes.

#2 Custom bulkheads - Steel bulkheads are the industry standard, and provide the best protection for driver and passengers should a huge load be moved in an accident. And if you’re using a smaller budget for your van conversion, then ply wood is also available.

#3 Load bay racking and shelving - Racking and shelving makes it easy to access your cargo. Steel offers greater durability and security, but ply wood is also facilitated for those on a smaller budget. However the down side of ply racking is that it is far less versatile than modular steel racking made by companies such as BiGDUG, System Edstrom and Van Guard.

#4 Secure storage boxes - For tradesmen with thousands of pounds worth of tools, conversions that optimise security are critical. Some options are security boxes that bolt to the floor of the van e.g. Van Vault, OxBox, and Van Guard’s best-in-class Tool Store.

#5 Roof bars - If you’ve run out of storage space within the van, then using a roof bar for storage on top of your van is a popular option. One of the notable makers of van roof racks is a company called Rhino.

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