A Quarter of Van Drivers Lie to Insurers

It’s easy to make a mistake or to bend the truth slightly, but don’t be tempted to tell a porky to your insurance provider or it could get you in serious trouble.

According to a 2014 study by AXA, 25% of UK van drivers have tinkered with the facts when buying van insurance. A further 11% admitted that they would also consider doing so in future.

Why You Should Never Lie to Insurers?

Telling a fib may seem harmless, but it could in fact end up leaving you vulnerable should an accident or theft occur. A lie when taking out the policy, if discovered, could see your cover void and cause issues getting insurance in the future. It’s simply an expensive risk that many can’t afford to take.

What Are the Most Common Lies?

One of the most common lies van drivers tell insurers is that a vehicle will be locked up overnight, when it is in fact parked on the road outside the driver’s home. The second most common is the amount of annual mileage declared.

There’s no need to lie to get a cheap deal on van insurance however, as there are better ways - like comparing with us here at Van Compare.

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