A Beginner’s Guide To Ultimate Van Security

How secure is your van?

With the van becoming synonymous with business, securing it against theft and forced entry is critical. So this article will look at 8 steps you can take right now to make your van secure.

#1 Start with security - When you’re buying a van, there are all sorts of features that will catch your eye... and usually security is a side-thought for many people.

Instead, put on your ‘security goggles’, and examine every feature in terms of security. For example, when considering what type of bulkhead to get, choosing a solid or mesh bulkhead helps you protect your cargo. Or when looking at having glazed rear doors, think about how they make it easy for people to see what’s stored in the vehicle.

Start with security.

# 2 Invest in up-to-date security tech - As painful as it might feel to shell out extra money for security features ‘in case something bad happened’... that’s nothing compared to the pain you’d feel if your van were broken into and/or stolen, simply because you didn’t make sure your van was outfitted with the latest security technology.

Latest security technology includes things like installing electronic GPS trackers and making sure your van’s alarm and immobiliser are Thatcham Category 2 approved.

A side benefit of investing in this technology is that it can lower your insurance premiums, and effectively pay for itself through the money you save on insurance.

#3 Invest in the cheapest van security technology - With all the talk about alarm systems and GPS trackers, don’t forget about some of the cheap and highly effective van security tech that’s available.

These are things such as blacked-out rear windows, lockable fuel filler caps, handbrake locks, steering wheel locks... and stickers warning that tools aren’t kept in the van overnight.

Now these relatively cheap security measures are easy to do, which means they are also easy not to do. Make sure you do them.

#4 Lock your van - Make sure you use your van’s locks. Even if you’re only stepping away ‘for a minute’, leaving your van unattended and unlocked is an open invitation for criminals to break into it. Make sure you adopt the discipline of always locking your van.

#5 Park smart - Well-lit, busy areas monitored by CCTV. Aim for these types of areas when you’re parking your van. This means building ‘park smart’ time into your journey so that you arrive early enough to not only make the delivery, but also to find a safe place for you to park your van.

#6 Keep a record - Note down everything in your van, and keep the receipts for expensive items in a safe location outside your van. That way, should your van be stolen, this system of organisation will make it easy when making a claim of your insurance company.

#7 Don’t leave valuables in the van - The number one way to protect tools or other valuable items from van theft...is to not leave them in your van. Sat navs, mobile phones...anything you can remove should be removed, or at the very least kept out of sight.

#8 Remove the weakest link - A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. And when it comes to weak links, these are often people. So having taken all the measure above, make sure that you train yourself and your staff to be aware of all the various security issues and to commit to the discipline of essential van security practices.

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