A Basic Guide to the Many Types of Vans

When applying for van insurance you’ll be asked questions such as how many miles you drive per year, how old the vehicle is and what type of van you drive. And, no, this does not mean small, medium or large.

To help you understand what category your trade vehicle comes under, we’ve created a short guide to some of the most common descriptive terms. Check out the vans below:

Box - a basic van with a load area that is shaped like a cuboid.

Car derived - a van based on the shape of a car.

Crew/double cab - a van with an extra row of seats in it.

Luton - a box-style that extends over the cab to provide more space.

Panel - the most popular type of van in the UK, this is a van with a non-articulated body.

Single cab - a van with just one row of seats.

You may also refer to a van as short, medium or long wheel-based. This refers to the distance between the middle of the front wheel and the middle of the rear wheel.

Not sure what van you have? No problem. Simply provide your registration plate details on application and we can do all the hard work for you. Compare van insurance quotes online here.

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