20% of van drivers would consider converting to electric

Recent research has revealed encouraging, if a little surprising, figures to indicate that 20% of van drivers would consider buying an electric van as their next commercial vehicle.

A well known van insurance retailer surveyed 1,200 of their online customers regarding the next vehicle purchase they intended to make, with one in five admitting to being interested in an electric van. The reason van drivers gave was to help the environment and lower their fuel costs. However, they did admit they would only consider the purchase if the initial price was right.

Although there are many advantages of driving a green vehicle such as an electric van, reduced carbon emissions and lower road tax being just a couple, van drivers need to be aware that insurance premiums may be higher than with a conventional vehicle. As electric vans are still not readily available and do contain expensive parts which are often difficult to replace, van insurance costs may be higher than with traditionally powered vans. It is always a good idea to check the insurance premiums before a purchase is made to ensure there aren’t any nasty surprises.

The top electric vans currently available are:

  • Battery powered Mercedes Vito
  • Iveco EcoDaily
  • Nissan Light Commercial Electric Van
  • Fiesta Van ECOnetic
  • Volkswagen Milano

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