Tools Insurance Cover

As a tradesman, your tools are the very essence of your business. Without them or your van, you simply could not operate and if they were to be stolen your livelihood would be severely threatened. When this happens, many trades people are not able to meet work commitments and are powerless to prevent business grinding to a halt. All this distress for you and severe financial repercussions - whereas for a thief, there are few easier targets than a van left overnight, full of expensive tools.

Many insurance companies will flatly refuse to provide tool insurance cover for any tools left overnight in the back of a van. The level of risk is high, and as a result, if you do find an insurer willing to provide cover, you are going to have to expect a premium which is representative of such risk. Here at Van Compare however, we bring you tool insurance cover at a price you would struggle to match elsewhere.

Our tool insurance cover provides:

  • 24 hour cover against theft of tools, own goods, materials or equipment
  • Cover against damage to tools or your materials whilst in transit
  • No Additional security requirements needed
  • Insurance for tools which are worth upto £5000
  • Low policy excesses
  • Exceptional prices when purchased as an add on to your van insurance policy

The right tool insurance cover for you

The level of tool insurance cover can be varied to suit your specific requirements; we tailor the policy to make sure you receive just the right amount of cover, so you aren’t paying for cover you don’t need, but have all of the essentials covered. We cover power tools and hand tools alike against loss, damage and theft.

With our long established links with the nation’s leading insurers we can access very competitive tool insurance quotes. We compare these prices for you in a process which takes just a few moments, displaying the information in an easily digestible way and saving you the time and effort involved in calling insurance companies yourself.

For a fantastic rate on your tool insurance cover, contact Van Compare today. We do the hard work for you, saving time and money on your tool insurance. For a tailor-made tool insurance policy call or email us now.

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