Chuckle Brothers Help Make Cheap Van Insurance a Wheeze!

Oh dear, oh dear! Paul and Barry Chuckle, better known as the Chuckle Brothers, are the new stars of our Van Compare TV ad campaign! The ads were created to help you find cheap van insurance through our excellent van insurance comparison site. The Chuckle Brothers have been helping us to tell everyone about the huge savings you could stand to make on van insurance with our service!

You’ll probably remember the Chuckle Brothers from their iconic kids programme Chucklevision which, incredibly, is the longest running sitcom in the UK! You might not have realised it, but Chucklevision has been going for 22 years; it’s practically an institution. Whether you’re 18 or 40, you’re bound to remember the slapstick gags, the japes, the pranks, the disasters, the DIY foul-ups, the instantly recognisable Northern accents and, above all, those classic catchphrases: “Silly me.” “Silly you!”, “Oh dear oh dear oh dear...” and of course the ever-popular, “To me!” “To you!”

This November at Van Compare, we’ve harnessed the many talents of Paul and Barry Chuckle to help you find cheap van insurance for your motor. We’ve never seen a man able to prat-fall in so many different ways as Barry Chuckle! As you’ll see from our exclusive behind the scenes video, the Chuckle Brothers kept us all thoroughly entertained during filming and we hope our brilliant van insurance comparison tool will put as big a smile on your face as the on-screen japes of the terrible twosome!

The Chuckle Brothers, whose real names are actually Paul and Barry Elliott, are household names and, with their help, we hope to put Van Compare on the tip of the tongue of van owners looking for cheap van insurance for their vehicle! Take an exclusive look behind the scenes on set with the Chuckle Brothers here, to find out how we did it!

Keep your eyes peeled for The Chuckle Brothers on your television screens, doing their thing for Van Compare and helping us make you savings on cheap van insurance this winter! The Chuckle Brothers are having a bit of a comeback at the moment. After a couple of quieter years, the Chuckle Brothers are back with a vengeance and have all sorts of chuckle-worthy plans up their sleeves for the coming months. Perhaps most exciting of all is the debut of their first ever 3D spoof-horror movie, which is rumoured to be set for release in 2012!

If you’d like to see how we created our Van Compare advert with The Chuckle Brothers, take a look at our animatics below. Meanwhile, if you like the Chuckle Brothers but love the idea of finding some fantastic, fully-comprehensive, cheap van insurance, explore the rest of the Van Compare website. Just use our handy van insurance comparison tool to find the cheap van insurance you’ve been looking for!

Paul and Barry Chuckle’s DIY projects may have gone disastrously wrong every time but, if you’re a tradesman, you can take a step towards ensuring it all goes very right when you find expertly tailored, cheap van insurance with Van Compare. If you don’t check out Van Compare and miss out on the top cheap van insurance that our clever van insurance comparison tool can find you, you might well be left thinking: “Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!” too.

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